Changing the world, one week at a time

Its our final day, and If I had words to describe how awesome it was it would be fast, Joyful, and exciting. The last is always the best, and before I go over what I did today I want to tell you all about my experience as a whole. The Dominican Republic is such an eye opener and its a life changing experience and for reasons only the eye can tell. So many bonds are shared and happy thoughts as well. The laughter never stops and the songs don’t too.

Not only are the people of the Dominican Republic kind, but the people you spend time with are as well. You get to see sides of people you would never see in normal conversation, and I got to feel so many enormous and abstract personalities, it felt like we were a family on the first day. Memories shared with others throughout the week can never be forgotten because we all shared them together. The most inspiring memory on my journey was realizing that the ones who have less than me can still feel satisfied with what they have no matter how poor they are. You would see children playing in their homes, content with what they’re doing and never complaining about what they don’t have no matter how much anger they felt. There was always intriguing people that had stories as long as a book. Happiness was always the subject, and I have everyone to thank for that. Eric, Manisha, Lisa, Mark(Dad), Adam, Mrs.Beaty, Alex, Corey, Marissa, Francine, and the parents that decided to help make this happen. This was a life changing experience I’ll never forget.

Sincerly, Mark Thomas


Comments on: "July 12th – last youth blog" (1)

  1. Manisha Dostert said:

    A beautiful blog entry to end a beautiful trip.

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