Changing the world, one week at a time

Today was a great day!! We started off the day with yet another great breakfast. We had eggs, toast, ham, pineapple, watermelon, and some amazing grapefruit juice. We then headed off to church in our nice outfits of collared shirts, dresses, and skirts. We were greeted at the door with warm welcomes. Slowly the rest of the congregation joined us throughout the service. I read a Psalm in English and attempted to sing along in Spanish. During The Peace, we were warmly greeted with smiles and hugs. I loved the music and how energetic the people were at such an early time of day. It had a lot more music and was a lot longer than my usual service at Christ Church Cranbrook.

After church, we went to coffee hour and talked with the locals and experienced cookies with jam on them. We then all piled onto the bus and headed off, back to the hotel, this time with a few more friends. We drove past the fort and took many pictures. We ate lunch at the hotel. We had delicious rice and beans, beef, plantains, and salad.

Full of energy, We then headed off to a full day. We then headed to Teleferico on the bus having a great time singing and talking to our friend, Frank. When we got to Teleferico we discovered the extremely long lines. We quickly returned back to the bus and changed our plans for the day. We headed off to the beach in Cabarete and played tag in the water with Frank and Alex. I got hissed at by a group of women and I am still trying to figure out what that means (According to Frank, it means he is hot btw).

After chasing each other around for an hour or two, we headed back to the bus covered in sand and salt. We had a great bus ride full of getting to know each, talking about Disney, and singing. We said our goodbyes to our guests on the bus and dropped them off. I then took a dip and the pool and went and got ready for dinner. For dinner we had a fantastic meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, and sweet potatoes. The only person that hasn’t done the blog (not naming names) called dibs on doing it tomorrow so I was made to do it today. I am so glad we had more people with us than usual because we got to know them more and they really made this experience so much better. Overall it was a great day and I am so sad our trip is now beginning to coming to an end.

-Alex Beaty


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Comments on: "July 10th – Church and changing plans" (2)

  1. Brian Beaty said:

    Very descriptive, especially the food. Sorry it’s coming to an end but there are many more adventures waiting for you in Michigan.

  2. Bina Reed said:

    Loving reading about your days! Thanks for the well written blog, Alex. Safe travels!

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