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Today started like every other day. I rolled out of bed still half asleep, and only went down to breakfast purely for the coffee. After breakfast we headed over to the church to finish painting. Yesterday, after we were given the list of things that needed painting, I volunteered to paint the altar. So that’s what I did today, with the help of Priest Lisa. People kept telling me I am really good at painting, which had only inflated my ego and has given me a career idea. Just as I was finishing painting the altar and scraping off the stray paint, Eric told us we had take a break. I really wanted to finish scraping paint, but the break wasn’t optional. So a group of us played basketball with some of the local kids. My basketball skills can only be described as horrendous and my shooting skills wildly inaccurate. Although, I did make two baskets after one of the locals, Frank, kept insisting on passing the ball to me.

When our game of basketball was over we went back to painting. However since I was done with the altar, and had nothing to do, I did a little sweeping outside the church and then took another break. I went back to painting after Eric came in and said I need someone “cool” to finish trimming the ceiling in the other room. I thought ‘I’m a pretty cool person’ so I volunteered to do that (he meant temperature wise, but I was both, so it worked out). Also I got to climb up on the ladder to paint where the ceiling and the wall meet, which I hadn’t done before (and having this skill can only help my resume, for when I become a professional house painter).

Next we had lunch and headed back to the hotel before going to make soap. We drove the people who run the soap making business to their work space, and I sat next to Chelsea (the person who runs the business), and it was really interesting to talk to her about her time here and her business. When we got to the soap making place they explained the process to us. The first step is to make lye water, which we weren’t allowed to do for obvious reasons. While the lye water was cooling, we cut the soap that had been made yesterday (which like all of the other soap they made smelled really good). When the lye water had cooled we measured out three different oils which then had to be heated until clear. While the oils were being heated we headed into another room to look at some beautiful handmade jewelry that contained a stone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic (It is called: Larimar – Eric).

Once everyone who wanted jewelry had got it we went back into the other room to pour the soap into molds; which I got to help with. When the soap making was done, Priest Lisa and Pastor Manisha set up a table so they could give Chelsea her first holy communion. Getting to see and participate in the communion was a great way to end the day.

-Marissa Huth


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