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On this beautiful Friday morning I woke with excitement filling my veins for what I knew would be an amazing and unforgettable day. I was also late… So as I arrived with a look of shame on my face, I was greeted with another amazing and unique Dominican breakfast prepared by our wonderful hosts, and the bright(and awake) faces of my awesome group members. I was also that awake… on the inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shortly afterward we were on the bus on the way to our next worksite. While I was still waking up on the ride, I was later informed a deal had been made by my fellow youth on our journey. Since a certain One Direction fangirl never seemed to stop talking, our youth came to a consensus that for the next three hours this person would not be able to talk unless saying thank you or asking worksite related questions. To our surprise, she succeeded without too much trouble. Although we joke around, I believe that many times we have appreciated this persons great enthusiasm and has made both our group and the kids we play with a little happier inside.

Although it may not seem like it, we did do a lot of work today. Most of our stupendous team started inside the church, painting the walls beige while jamming out. For the first part of the day I was putting a sealing on the roof to prevent further leaks with Adam, Mr.Peters/Dad, Mark, and Frank’s older brother Arizon. While I think I dripped more sweat on the roof than paint, we got through it with constant water breaks and with the leadership of Arizon, who never broke a sweat.

After lunch we got to go and see Frank and Arizon’s pets. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I LOVE animals. Lots of my trip has consisted of, during breaks, climbing trees or looking in other places for lizards. I have taken some really cool pictures so if any of you readers are connected with National Geographic, they should hire me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, Frank showed us his many bunnies and baby ducks. He got a bunny out for me to hold but he/she didn’t like me… but it liked the One Direction fangirl… He showed us his brothers fish, which he said he didn’t like, and his two other birds I didn’t know. I personally have two lizards and a snake at home so that’s why I loved seeing his friends. Frank also showed us his HUGE basketball trophies that looked like they belonged to Lebron. I had the chance to play Frank. I’ll just say it wasn’t pretty and leave it at that.

After our tour we finished painting the Parish Hallย with some more awesome music. After a short jam session with some of the church’s instruments with Frank and his brothers we headed out, looking forward to the pool. The pool today was interesting. While Eric was relaxing, the youth and myself were being very loud. We played Marco Polo, or Polo Marco, or Parco Molo, or just any combination of letters really. This involved the One Direction fangirl being it for 80% of the time. I was it for most of the other twenty and I proceeded to tag Eric a couple of times when my Spidey Senses were tingling, but he was trying to nap. Also, while I was taking a break from our game, Marissa and I yelled Polo to try and throw the fangirl off hehe. I also tried to steal Mark’s hat while he was in it.

At dinner a little while later, we shared laughs over all the day’s stories which is my second favorite part of the day (first being making people we help smile) and we got to see some of Eric’s top class photography. (Yes he is better than you mom ;)) We saw many cute pictures of us with our new family we’ve made at the school and church, and who we will always cherish. We also got to see some very funny pictures of our team. Although all of them, for me, inspired me. I saw the faces of people who we had only met a few days earlier, but who we had connected with, heart to heart. I may not go to church but I know I see God in this, for such happiness is a gift that is worth the world. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

-Corey Reed

P.S. Our amazing friend Eric has been wearing these HILARIOUS shirts everyday, so when you see him in these pictures, read his shirts, I guarantee a good laugh ๐Ÿ™‚


I want to thank Manisha for taking today’s photographs. I was slacking my job of photographer by being on a ladder all day painting. Thanks Manisha.



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Comments on: "July 8th – Painting the church" (5)

  1. Julie T said:

    Interesting that the person who is afraid of heights is the one up the ladder. Proud of you E!

  2. Brian Beaty said:

    Love the daily summaries and photos! Alex, no, you may not bring a bunny home.

  3. Bina Reed said:

    Appreciate the photography comment! Eric and Manisha, thank you for taking the helm of picture taking. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is really lovely to see the pictures with these amazing blogs.

    Wonderful to hear about another amazing day!

  4. Troy Dostert said:

    It’s been great to read all of the terrific posts! I’m going to stay out of the One Direction controversy…but I do need to say how proud we are of all of you!

  5. Bina Reed said:

    Thanks for the photography comment, Corey. Loved reading this.

    Thank you Eric and Manisha for doing amazing job catching these moments!

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