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First of all, my blog will not be as good as Adam’s because I am not very gifted in writing. I don’t really remember this morning and waking up, but I remember breakfast. For breakfast we had a dish that was like oatmeal but way better than oatmeal I don’t think I can go back to the kind we have in America ever again. Than we went on the bus to the school to paint again. I was actually quiet the whole way there and I think people liked it because I like to talk a lot and it gets annoying. When we were at the school these two girls that I met yesterday were there and greeted me with big hugs and smiles. I was on the blue team, which means I painted half the wall blue.

My favorite part about being at the school is when we get to play with the kids. Whenever we had a break we would always play tag and talk to them. We finished painting the inside today so we had a lot of spare time. Alex, Marissa and I played with the girls and the girls even made paintings for Senora Beaty (I am so sorry if I spelled it wrong). Once we left the school we quickly went back to the hotel to get our stuff for the beach. On our way to the beach we stopped off at two churches. The people there were very kind and two people at one church are making soap that we get to help with Saturday!

When we got to the beach and went in the ocean the water was really refreshing and nice to be in because of the heat. We would swim out until there was seaweed and swim back. Then Alex, Marissa and I covered ourselves in mud because we were “exfoliating” ourselves. Then I decided hey, why not exfoliate everyone else! So at first I would rub mud on people’s (in our group, don’t worry I didn’t do it to a stranger!) back. Then it kinda turned into us throwing mud at each other. I then found a seaweed plant thing and I would throw it or rub it on people. Alex and Marissa want me to mention that they didn’t like it but I bet they have soft skin now. When we got back to our hotel I was walking up the stairs minding my own business when somebody, who wrote about me a lot in his blog entry, threw the seaweed plant at me! I got the plant back and decided I’ll get him back later.

We ate dinner which was a really good eggplant dish with cheesy potatoes. I was voted by everyone to write about today because apparently I had an interesting day. While writing, Eric told me to get everyone because we were going to a baptism. I went upstairs to get everyone because they were in my room and the person who threw the seaweed plant at me earlier, threw it at me again! We went to the beach to do the baptism, it was really cool to watch because I’ve never seen a baptism happen at the ocean. We went back to our rooms, and I’m sitting on the balcony enjoying the Dominican weather while everyone else is playing hide and go seek. I don’t mind not being in the game though because it is really nice outside I wish Michigan had weather like this more. Well, I hope you liked reading about my day!

-Francine Rosinski


As Francine said, we got to participate in a Baptism today. Chelsea is a recent college graduate who is here in the Dominican Republic helping to set up a soap making business at San Simon church. She has been exploring her relationship with God and through the help of Charlie, the long-term Missionary down here, asked to be baptized. So Pastor Manisha and Priest Lisa along with the rest of our community, went down to the beach and baptized Chelsea. So today, we all gained a new sister-in-Christ. Alleluia!

-Eric Travis


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Comments on: "July 7th – Finishing rooms and a baptism" (2)

  1. Francine said:

    Update on the whole seaweed throwing situation: the person has continued to throw it at me. I’m plotting my revenge. Better watch your back.

  2. Michelle Rosinski said:

    Witnessing a baptism, finishing a job, great food and fun; sounds like another fabulous day!

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